A quick summary of my journey so far:

What follows is a rough outline of my RV trip thus far.  I’ll go into more detail about what exactly the RV trip is, and is not, or will be, or won’t be, or something – just not right now.

January 29 – Hotel Ella in Austin, TX. RV was in shop getting LP leak fixed, and BMW had blown charge line fuse.

January 30-Feb2 – Fort Parker State Park in Mexia, TX (Meh-Hee-Ah). Canoed up Navasota River (13 mi) to Civil War Reunion Site. Hiked ~ 5 miles from dam. Excellent camp ground, very few campers. Threatened to rain lots, did not. Eagle, pelicans, many armadillo, sow and piglets

February 3-4 – Aggieland RV Park in Bryan, TX. Packed up apartment. Rained entire time.

February 5-7 – Lake Somerville in Somerville, TX. Two boar, many rabbit, about 13 miles of hiking over two days.

February 8-Papa’s Smoke House @ Whoop Stop gas station, somewhere between College Station and Austin, TX.  Way better than that sounds!

February 8- South Llano River State Park in Junction, TX. 6+ Rio Grande turkey, deer, armadillo.

February 10-Wagon Wheel BBQ in Ozona, TX. This place made us understand TX BBQ. OMG juicy brisket. Great peach cobbler!  Learned that I prefer the opposite of lean brisket!

February 10-15- Davis Mountains State Park in Fort Davis, TX. Stayed longer because so nice. Internet only available on top of nearby mountain. Javelinas abound. One tried to make off with our shoe box…it saw that we had left to dump gray water and was investigating our campsite when we returned.

February 15- L&J Café in El Paso, TX. Very good Mexican food. Cinnamon coffee!  (But Jalisco’s in Buckhead is probably better…)

February 15-Toucans Grocery in Las Cruces ,NM. Great place to shop.  Had many cool things I’ve never even seen before (and I’ve gone over many a grocery store with a fine toothed comb)

February 15-17- City of Rocks State Park, NM. Very remote, great dry camp site. Solar works, probably even better at charging our battery than the onboard system. 2 days dry camping may be equipment based limit.  Would need collapsible water totes (or the inclination to break camp to re-water). Rock wren abound!  They stand on top of rocks (hence the name) and sing while doing knee pumps!

February 17-19- Roper Lake State Park, AZ in Safford,AZ. Small park, hot tub, nice showers, tons of bunnies, yellow head black bird, red wing black bird, road runner and others. Laundry by the lb in town!! 35 lbs 💃.

February 19-22- Fool Hollow Recreation Area @ Show Low, AZ. Very nice camp site, great fire pit! No hiking in park, but White Mountain trails nearby. Did 7 mile hike and 14 mile hike. Incoming bad weather threatened to strand us, so we moved on early. Had intended on staying longer and doing more hiking. Sweethearts Grill and Jalapeno Café were local restaurants we tried, would happily return to both.  Silver lining to early departure:  the showers were basically torture devices.  You pushed a button and extremely high pressure luke-warm water would come shooting out until a timer (which varied from 10 seconds to 60 seconds capriciously) ran out.  You could not press the button to restart the the timer at critical junctures (like soaping your face) until the first timer elapsed.

February 22-23- Lake Pleasant Regional Park @North of Phoenix. Very busy park. Camp sites too close together for our liking, but we basically only slept in the park. These bathroom facilities had kinder gentler versions of the push-button war-crimes at Fool Hollow.  Hot water, reasonable pressure, timers that lasted longer than it takes to soap a limb and that could be restarted anytime! Ate at Mellow Mushroom (haven’t had that in a long time!) on the way out.

February 23-25- Big Bend of the Colorado State Park @ Laughlin, NV. Our site is comically oversized for our tiny camper!

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