Espresso: The Beverage Of Joy

Ah, espresso.  The finest of all beverages.  For those of you who adulterate it with milk or cream or sugar…try it plain.  Honestly.  And not out of a paper* starbucks cup**.  Out of a properly preheated ceramic (or if your budget suits: borosilicate) cup.

I considered putting a picture of espresso in here…but honestly pictures just don’t do it justice.

Prior to hitting the road in 16 feet of trailer I had my morning espresso (or 3…or 4…) made in a proper espresso machine.  It weighs about 20 pounds/9 kg, and there is not a single cabinet big enough to store it in in the trailer.  So I was forced to go without espresso for the duration of the trip.

No.  That isn’t how it went.  Not at all.  Because that would be unacceptable.

I tend to avoid naming names when it comes to products, and have only made exceptions twice that I can think of.  This will be the third time.  Because for those of you thinking “I want to travel around the country in an RV but how will I have my espresso while dry camping in the Mojave?” there is a solution!

Its name?  Handpresso.

Image via Amazon

This marvelous piece of engineering makes a fairly excellent espresso.  Easily as good or better than your typical coffee shop’s attempt.

And that is how I get all of my espresso.

Of course that isn’t how I get all of my espresso!  Traveling around the US means I get to sample the best coffee shops of over a dozen small towns!

Here are a couple shoutouts:

One Lump or Two – Port Orford, OR

Roadhouse Coffee – Bodega Bay, CA

Sacred Ground Coffee – Salida, CO

If you find yourself in the three towns listed above, do yourself a favor and get some espresso.  Just plain espresso.  You can thank me later.

*About paper cups and espresso.  It isn’t impossible to have good espresso in paper.  But it is impossible to have best espresso in paper.  Espresso is art embodied in liquid.  The cup is more than a vessel to contain it.  It is a vessel from which it is to be savored.  Not to mention the fact that espresso comes in very small portions.  In paper the espresso will rapidly cool, and room temperature espresso is not best espresso.  Adequate espresso?  Sure.  But not best.  That said…an unwarmed ceramic cup is even worse than paper.  If you get a cold cup filled with cold espresso, return it to the barista and politely ask them to do it again with a warmed cup.

**About Starbucks….Starbucks gets a lot of hate among coffee snobs.  Some people say their coffee is bitter, bland, burnt, overpriced, etc.  Honestly I really enjoy Starbucks.  Their products are consistently good.  For anyone calling their coffee burnt, I have the names of a couple coffee shops that I will not be returning to because their coffee tasted like it had previously been set on fire and then the espresso was brewed with the resulting ashes.  Starbucks has moved away from the hand crafted product that espresso can be, and all of their machines are automated.  But robots are not the enemy (yet) and make good espresso.

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