Cancun: A City Without a Cuisine to Call Its Own

The city of Cancun sprawls over an area of 764 square miles (or to use the locally preferred unit of measurement: 1978.75 square Metrics) and boasts a population of 628 thousand.  This puts it within a heaping tablespoon or so of the population of Las Vegas, while managing to cover more than 5 times the area of Sin City.

Yet, despite easily dwarfing all but 28 US cities in size, Cancun is just a baby.  In human years it might be considered middle aged, but since it was founded in 1970 it is the third youngest city listed on Wikipedia’s page List of cities in the Americas by year of foundation!  In fact, Cancun boasted a population of 3 before it was incorporated as a city.  This fact brings us to an awkward truth: Cancun does not have its own cuisine!

Today I had the opportunity to meet a person whose goal it is to bring something new to Cancun, making great Mexican food that offers something uniquely Cancunese.

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