Hiking the Wolfden Loop in FDR State Park

I’ve read somewhere that summer is the best time to camp (and thus possibly by extension to hike).  To that person, I ask “Have you ever hiked in the South?”

Maybe in Seattle where the summers are a balmy 70 degrees and the weather channel warns of a heat wave when the mercury rises to 85 (For my fellow southerners – I am not kidding.  It may have something to do with the fact that AC is not a standard features on homes) but in when its 95+ degrees out the only activity I want to do outside is drink beer.

That said, as August gets ready to give way to September, Atlanta has been treated to unseasonably cool weather!  An early Fall?  Fingers crossed!

So in order to take advantage of the cool weather a hike was called for! Continue reading

Hiking Roman Nose State Park

Sometimes along our journey the logical route between two predetermined points takes us through, well, what could perhaps be described as the middle of nowhere.  I’m not certain that Watonga, OK is in fact the middle of nowhere – Oklahoma City is only a short 70 miles away.

Ok, perhaps slightly to the right of nowhere.

And to the North of slightly right of nowhere is the park we spent a couple of nights at: Roman Nose State Park.

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Hiking Lake Mead: Part 3, Plateau Climb

Yesterday was our final full day of staying in Lake Mead National Recreation Area, and it was our intention to hike one of the established trails that lead to the Hoover dam.  However, upon arriving at the trailhead parking lot and discovering that the lot could easily accommodate 40 cars….and it was full….we decided to look elsewhere.

The trail turned out to not be our preferred type of trail – it was well graded wide sidewalk type path.  Well, that is OK!  I can get creative and find somewhere to hike. Continue reading

Hiking Lake Mead: Part 1

Lake Mead National Recreation Area is an interesting place.  The lake is man-made.  It is the body of water resting behind the Hoover Dam.  Also interesting is the fact that it is situated in a fairly mountainous region that feels incredibly remote – even though downtown Las Vegas is only 45 minutes away.  And, in a lot of ways it is remote.  The nearest running water to my campsite is over 6 miles away.  The nearest bathroom?  At least 3, although to be honest I have only seen the bathroom once from a ridge while hiking.

It is this hike I will begin with.

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What this trip is, and how

In a lot of ways this trip is less a pursuit of some knowable goal that I am pursuing, and more a pursuit of the unknown.

Sure, along the way we are planning stops at iconic pieces of Americana: The Grand Canyon, Las Vegas and the Sequoias among others.  But the routes between these points are legion, and our selection criteria are flexible.

Before delving into the routes that were chosen and why, it is perhaps important to look at the selection criteria.

Internet Access:

This is not a vain whim of a tragically internet-bound Gen Y’er, but a practical concern for a couple of reasons.  First, Wren is nearly finished with her masters degree from Texas A&M.  In order to keep up with lectures and submit homework internet is a must.  Thankfully our world far exceeds Star-Trek in the pervasive nature of data access.  No need to radio up to the ship to have Geordi ask the Computer to compute something for you – just ask the computer that everyone carries in their pocket to consult the interweb it has nearly ubiquitous access to. Continue reading