Wings, Pizza, and Burgers – La Cuisine de Medellin

Ok. You got me. Wings, pizza, and burgers aren’t technically Colombian. But if you stroll around Laureles I think you’d see how this is an easy argument to make.

There are dozens of wing, pizza, and burger places (as in dozens of each type of restaurant…although admittedly there are a lot of burger & wing places too!) within a mile of where I’m staying.

So, why is that? Do gringo digital nomads just want their wing, pizza, and burger fix and thus the market responded to demand? Or is something else going on?

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Miscellaneous Observations about Medellin, Colombia.

Last Friday I arrived in Medellin, Colombia and I brought with me a small dog and two pieces of luggage. In addition to those physical things, I brought thoughts, ideas, and assumptions.

View of Medellin as you drive in from the airport

Some of these were grounded in research while others were based on my past experiences traveling, and of course some were simply assumptions that I never stopped to consider.

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