Making amazing time – but not by choice

So, for those of you paying attention to dates and such, you may notice that:

a) I’m posting less often


b) The posts mostly pertain to things that happened a couple of weeks ago.

Well, there are a couple reasons for that:

1) We didn’t do a lot of hiking in California (not dog friendly)

2) We didn’t stay still a lot, so lots of miles covered but not as much time to make an impression somewhere

3) Lots of miles covered means a lot of time setting up and breaking down camp, therefore not lots of time to write.

So, here’s the quick recap:

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From one wide open space to another

Yesterday we departed Big Bend of the Colorado State Park (just outside of Laughlin, NV) for Valley of Fire State Park (about an hour north of Las Vegas).  Big Bend of the Colorado was nice, although the park was set up more for big RV’s than our little rig.  We probably could have fit 5 more cars+trailers into the space we had.


After stopping in Henderson for some lunch at Buddha Belly Deli we took the scenic toll road through Lake Mead National Recreation Area rather than head up I-15 to get to Valley of Fire.

Some advice for any in the area faced with a similar choice:  pay the $10 toll.  This was perhaps the most beautiful 45 miles of sinuous road I have ever driven. Continue reading