What this trip is, and how

In a lot of ways this trip is less a pursuit of some knowable goal that I am pursuing, and more a pursuit of the unknown.

Sure, along the way we are planning stops at iconic pieces of Americana: The Grand Canyon, Las Vegas and the Sequoias among others.  But the routes between these points are legion, and our selection criteria are flexible.

Before delving into the routes that were chosen and why, it is perhaps important to look at the selection criteria.

Internet Access:

This is not a vain whim of a tragically internet-bound Gen Y’er, but a practical concern for a couple of reasons.  First, Wren is nearly finished with her masters degree from Texas A&M.  In order to keep up with lectures and submit homework internet is a must.  Thankfully our world far exceeds Star-Trek in the pervasive nature of data access.  No need to radio up to the ship to have Geordi ask the Computer to compute something for you – just ask the computer that everyone carries in their pocket to consult the interweb it has nearly ubiquitous access to. Continue reading