Ice Caves Trail – or the trail that Equestrians Ruined.

I’ve thought about how to frame this post for awhile.  Wren and I hiked it back in Show Low, AZ on February 20th and the trail was in a sad state of affairs as a result of inconsiderate equestrian use.

So, do I post an angry rant?  No, I’m not mad so that would be contrived.  Somber perhaps? Mourn the death of what was once glorious?  No, neither am I sad – and honestly the trail was probably never the pinnacle of excellence.

So – what I’ll try to stick the facts:

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Ghost of the Coyote Trail #641

Ghost of the Coyote is the best name I have ever seen for a trail.  Texas really liked to name trails “Golden Warbler Trail,” I’ve hiked at least 4 different Golden Warbler Trails and to the best of my minimal bird-watching knowledge have not seen this endangered species on any of them.  Sure – I didn’t see any Ghost Coyotes on this trail – but isn’t that the point of it being a ghost?  There was a bit of coyote scat…so that is probably close enough.

This trail is located in the White Mountain Trail System in Arizona and its interesting in that multiple sources disagree on length.  The WMTS website seems to think it is 16 miles, another source says 13 miles, and the Forest Service (the trail is located in the Apache-Sitgreaves National Forest) says 15 miles.

Well – in order to add to the confusion, my GPS says 14 miles.  Although – I did take two unmarked spurs that lead to great vistas.  Which lends credence to the 13 mile number.

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