Hiking Lake Mead: Part 2 Hamblin Mountain

This trail was born out of looking at a map, finding a peak labeled, and consulting the most comprehensive library of information available to me.  The internet tells me that Hamblin Mountain is an ex-volcano that was sheared in half by plate tectonics, and that its other half (by the name one wonders if its not the better half) Cleopatra Mountain is now 12 miles away.  True?  Perhaps.  Interesting?  Certainly!

More interesting things about Hamblin Mountain:

  • It is unphotographable.  From the parking area you cannot see the mountain.  Perhaps it isn’t impossible to photograph, but one would probably need a boat and a map.
  • From the top one can see 4 states: Nevada, California, Utah and Arizona.

What I did know was that I could expect a little over 3.5 miles one way with over 1000′ of climb along the way.  The various websites I encountered suggested that there may be something of a path…some of the time.  Emboldened by pathless hiking the day prior this sounded like fun to me.

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