Hiking Humbug Mountain

Humbug Mountain is a mountain on the sea.  Not near the sea like King Peak, but rising straight out of it.  Accordingly, visitors may be forgiven for expecting scenic views the entire hike.

Humbug Mountain is a rainforest.  A temperate rainforest mind you, but a rainforest nonetheless.  This means super lush growth everywhere.  Ferns on top of ferns on top of moss, and that’s only to start with! Continue reading

Making amazing time – but not by choice

So, for those of you paying attention to dates and such, you may notice that:

a) I’m posting less often


b) The posts mostly pertain to things that happened a couple of weeks ago.

Well, there are a couple reasons for that:

1) We didn’t do a lot of hiking in California (not dog friendly)

2) We didn’t stay still a lot, so lots of miles covered but not as much time to make an impression somewhere

3) Lots of miles covered means a lot of time setting up and breaking down camp, therefore not lots of time to write.

So, here’s the quick recap:

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